Consultations are an important part of treatment.

“Marcia has been an advocate for my son in regards to school by communicating regularly with the school psychologist and helping to formulate a 504 plan for my son to make his life a less stressful one and thrive in school socially, personally, and educationally.” --- Mother of a 7th grader


  • PARENTS often need help integrating multiple perspectives to understand a child’s challenges and strengths. I review past evaluations, speak with parents, teachers or other professionals and meet with the child in order to clearly lay out recommendations for how to address the child’s problems. 
  • SCHOOL PROGRAMS need to make it possible for a child to succeed. I review school programs in depth so that I can then make concrete recommendations to help school planning.
  • ADVOCATES AND ATTORNEYS find it helpful to have a comprehensive report clearly outlining the learning and environmental needs of the child with documentation from the history and evaluations, assessing the degree to which different programs could provide a successful learning experience.
  • YOUNG ADULTS may have been diagnosed later in life, or may not understand how issues with social skills and executive functions are making it harder to succeed at school or in jobs and relationships. Having insight into the specific challenges that are involved can clarify important strategies for success.
  • COUPLES may wonder if a partner is on the autistic spectrum. Partners may find themselves struggling to understand each other’s perspective and behavior. I can help a couple create strategies for better communication, more realistic expectations and satisfaction in the relationship.