“Dr. Marcia Eckerd is a psychologist I can always count on to provide comprehensive and useful information about a child’s learning, processing and life issues. Her reports are readable, detailed, have valuable insights and accuracy, and her recommendations can be easily translated into services by school personnel as well as into guidance for parenting. She has expertise in all areas of learning disabilities and her collaboration with school teams, advocates, attorneys and families is effective and invaluable. In particular, parents and schools find her ability to translate the needs and processing of children with ASD and NLD into the everyday impact on life at home and school. Her suggestions are both specific and extremely helpful. There is no doubt about her dedication to serving children. Her integrity is impeccable and collaborating with her is a pleasure.” --Rena Schine, Ph.D., School Psychologist/Advocate

Dr, Eckerd is an expert in neuropsychological evaluations

I am an expert in neuropsychological evaluations, both in my private practice and as an independent consultant for school systems. These evaluations don’t just assign labels, they reveal what underlies the strengths and challenges I find. Parents and the school get a comprehensive understanding of why a student is struggling, and what the problems mean in terms of functioning at school and at home. Every evaluation I do includes concrete recommendations for intervention and treatment, and how these challenges might present different or added problems over time.