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Eckerd, M. Detection and Diagnosis of ASD in Females. Journal of Health Services Psychology

Eckerd, M. Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder (Level 1) in Adults. Journal of Health Services Psychology

Why Are Girls Missed for Diagnosis And Why Is that Important Autism Parenting Magazine

Women And Autism: Get a Diagnosis, not Gaslighted Psychology Today, “Everyday Neurodiversity”

Is She on the Spectrum? 15 Clues Psych Central, “Divergent Thinkers”

Are We Giving Autistic Children PTSD From School? Psychology Today, “Everyday Neurodiversity”

Why the Term “High Functioning” Creates a Misunderstanding of Autism Psychology Today, “Everyday Neurodiversity”

Are Autistic People Empathic? Is Everyone Else? Psychology Today, “Everyday Neurodiversity”

Too Many Autistic Women At Risk: We Need Education, We Need Support Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism

Do Schools Have the Right Model for Autistic Kids? Autism Parenting Magazine

“Do Parents and Teachers Get Children with AS/HFA? They Can’t Explain Themselves” Autism Spectrum News

Many of my articles on Asperger’s (Autism) and NLD SPED NET Wilton

Parenting A Child With NLD Smart Kids With LD

Getting School Help For NLD Kids Smart Kids With LD

Evaluating Your Child for NLD Smart Kids With LD

Are You Yelling? Asperger’s, NLD and Tone Psych Central “Divergent Thinkers”

Navigating the Minefield of Sexuality for Children with ASD or NLD Webinar, SPED NET Wilton

Evaluating Your Child For Executive Function Problems Smart Kids With LD

Tools For Managing Stress Smart Kids With LD

Autism Spectrum News: Kids with Asperger Syndrome, Schools and the Law Autism Spectrum News

Social Media: The Ten Things Your Kids Learn About Life While Texting Psychology Today “People Skills”

The SPED NET Wilton website has excellent articles and webinars on ADHD and LD as well as a large library of webinars

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